Employee Rewards

Rewarding Employees just got a whole lot easier with Movie Rewards by aflam™. Order online 24/7 and save on procurement, logistics and delivery. It’s instant and you will never have to stress or leave the office again to fulfill orders for rewards.

Employee rewarding, recognition and engagement programs are central to companies who want to keep their employees well-motivated and productive. Movie Rewards by aflam™ can support any of the following employee rewards programs:

Performance Rewards

Appreciate your employees for their efforts and achievements with a “Well Done or Thank You” recognition.

Sales Incentives

Incentivize your employees with sales performance rewards when targets are met

Custom Rewards

Reward winners of contests/games, engagement and motivational programs of any sort.

Personal Occasions

Celebrate employees on their personal occasions including birthdays, weddings, Christmas etc.

Our Most Popular Reward

You got tickets redeemable at 500+ Cinemas across the MENA region

Let your employees enjoy a movie with a friend, colleague, or family member!

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