Customer Rewards

Rewarding your customers just got a whole lot easier with Rewards by aflam™. Order online 24/7 and save on procurement, logistics and delivery costs. It’s an instant service and you will never have to stress or leave the office again to fulfill orders for Incentives.

Reward your customers using aflam™ incentives with a choice of 500+ cinemas across the MENA region.

Rewards by aflam™ can support any of the following customer rewards programs:

Thank Your Best Customers

Thank your most valuable customers with aflam™ Rewards to build long-term loyalty and increased Customer Lifetime Value while keeping your competitors at bay.

Drive Incremental Business

Build campaigns and activities for up-sell and cross-sell with aflam™ Rewards incentives to drive incremental business to your brand. Digital Rewards have proven success rates through incentives for targeted customer campaigns.

Create New Business Opportunities

Give potential customers a compelling reason to do business with you, by using aflam™ rewards as an incentive to drive successful acquisition campaigns.

Our Most Popular Reward

You got tickets redeemable at 500+ Cinemas across the MENA region

Let your employees enjoy a movie with a friend, colleague, or family member!

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