Important Notice: We receive offers on a daily basis, but would like to inform potential investors in advance that the minimum bid for this domain is $1M, and any offer less than that is automatically rejected by the system.


Domain Names are valued based on many factors, some of which are critically important to separate between your everyday domain options vs. super rare opportunities such as this one. This domain name is categorised as a super domain vs. being a premium domain because it combines all the known success  factors that put it on top of the pyramid.

It is like making a comparison between and which are extremely different. received a $350 Million offer partially because of the brand it has become, and it’s domain name is a big part of why their brand succeeded to hold value.

A Domain name is considered superior to others based on basic factors, whereas if a domain has one of these factors, it would be considered a premium domain. With all these factors combined in one domain name, it becomes a super domain that supersedes all alternatives. These factors include but are not limited to 1) Brandability 2) Category King 3)5 letters 4) Dictionary Word 5) Organic Growth Factor 6) Memorability.

This domain is not expected to be sold to enthusiasts, and is reserved for serious investors who have the means to realise it’s value. It can serve as the netflix of arabia, the first movie ticket vendor across MENA It is not intended to be your everyday illegal movie site, and requires a highly legal & licence based service that serves the Arab World and Beyond.

The minimum offer is set at $1M and targets serious investors only. This does not mean that it is priced at $1M and only means that the minimum starting bid for starts at $1M. If you represent a corporation that requires a certain level of prestige in your brand, then you are welcome to apply.

To put things in perspective, is the exact equivalent to in terms of brandability and the factors mentioned above, targeting 400 million people in the MENA region and and all arabic speakers in the world. It attracts people without any marketing efforts which makes it highly organic. sold for $14M addressing the most widely spoken language in the world, and Arabic comes second to that in terms of the breadth of it’s audience. enjoys an organic growth factor of 25% meaning that out of every 100 people visiting the site for the first time, 25 people continue to re-visit due to its success factors. This is organic growth with no cost and is probably one of the most important KPIs to consider.

You can contact FOX Projects Development LLC. to acquire this domain represented by Mr. Tamer Al-Taher +962 (79) 644 8200

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