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Dear Investor,

Are you looking to expand your business or start a new venture in the Arabic-speaking market for movies and entertainment? Look no further than – the premier domain for movies in Arabic.

As you may already know, the term “aflam” means “movies” in Arabic. This makes the most valuable and memorable domain for anyone seeking to establish a presence in the Arabic-speaking movie industry.

In fact, the domain was acquired for a staggering 24 million dollars, making it one of the most expensive domain purchases ever. This demonstrates the tremendous value and potential of premium movie-related domains like

We are excited to offer for lease, allowing you to take advantage of this premium domain to drive traffic to your website, increase brand recognition, and establish yourself as a leader in the Arabic movie market.

By leasing, you will have the exclusive right to use the domain for an unlimited time, as long as no violations occur. We do have a brand protection term to ensure that any bad publicity that causes total damage to the brand for any reason is not acceptable. This helps to protect the value and reputation of the domain and ensures that it remains a valuable asset to your business.

Additionally, there is a purchasing option available for, and negotiations will be required. This presents a unique opportunity to secure the ownership of the domain outright and to have full control over its use.

You will be able to customize your website to your specifications and benefit from the increased traffic and visibility that this top domain brings.

We invite you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to lease, and to take your business to the next level. It all makes sense to us as a startup, and we believe it will make sense to you too! Please contact us today to learn more about the leasing terms and conditions, as well as the purchasing option, and to secure your lease or ownership of this valuable domain.

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Lease Terms

Please see the updated standard rate and leasing terms below:

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Monthly Rate Year 1

$18,000 Month

Monthly Rate Year 2

$22,000 Month

Monthly Rate Year 3

$28,000 Month

Monthly Rate Year 4

$32,000 Month

Monthly Rate Year 5 onwards

4% annual increase

Why A Premium Domain Is Essential For Your Business
You Want Customers To Find You

Think of your domain name as an investment in a prime piece of online real estate. Launching your business with a premium name can be like opening a retail store in a busy shopping district.

You’ll Attract Instant Traffic

Due to their short and memorable nature, many premium domains already receive significant type-in traffic. Your organization can utilize this established presence and existing traffic to attract customers, build your brand and gain recognition as an industry leader.

Your Domain Is Your Brand

You need a name that will resonate with your customers. The intuitive, memorable nature of premium names makes them ideal. A memorable name can be easier to brand and helps increase the likelihood of customers finding you, over your competitor.

How It Works

Here’s how it works…

Step 1

Fill Out Application

Step 2

Your perpetual lease starts

Step 3

Make automated monthly payments
* Two Month Non-Renewal Notice

Why Entrepreneurs Choose To Lease

Here are the top 5 reasons why

  1. Save cash to invest elsewhere
  2. Exclusive rights to use the domain for as long as you want
  3. You don’t have to worry about the asset becoming obsolete
  4. Reduced risk if the asset has to be disposed
  5. A safe and effective solution
Priced For The Savvy Investor

Perception of pricing can be influenced by a variety of factors, including emotions, biases, and previous experiences. However, when it comes to evaluating the actual value of a product or service, it’s important to look at the underlying numbers and metrics.

If we assume that is being treated like premium online real estate, then the monthly lease value can be calculated by dividing the total price by the number of months (10 years * 12 months/year = 120 months).

This gives us a monthly lease value of $200,000 (24 million dollars / 120 months). While this may seem like a high price at first glance, it’s important to consider the potential value that could bring in terms of traffic, advertising revenue, and brand recognition.

For comparison, if we assume that is worth 12 million dollars, then its monthly lease value would be $100,000 (12 million dollars / 120 months). This means that is being priced at twice the monthly lease value of You can reduce this figure much further and reach our reasonable pricing for leasing. as we estimate the essential value of to be in the range of 7 to 12 million dollars.

However, it’s important to note that is a highly desirable domain name that could potentially attract a much larger audience and generate more revenue than Additionally, the long-term value of owning a premium domain name should also be taken into account.

In conclusion, while the initial price tag for leasing may seem high, when we do the numbers and compare it to other premium domain names, the value becomes more apparent. It’s important to overcome any hesitations about the price and consider the long-term benefits that owning a premium domain name could bring.